The Wonders of Knowing CSS Text Properties When You Are Programming

In the world of programming, you must have a few tips and tricks up your sleeves so that you will always have a little edge over competition. But, you should always know the basics of some codes such as CSS text properties. In this part of programming, the text can have a life of its own just by knowing which jargons to punch in the keyboard. First, you must know though what text properties are.

What Are CSS Text Properties?

These text properties allow you, the programmer, to change the way the texts looks in your webpage. There are so many ways you can customize how each character will look and basically your imagination is the limit when it comes to making the text look different. Some of the changes you can make are as follows:

  • Color (color: value) in the value part, just input what color you’d like it to be for example, red.
  • Letter-spacing is the space between each individual letter. Values are done using px or pixels.
  • Alignment (text-align: value). Can be right, left, center, justify values.
  • Decoration (text-decoration: value). Values can be none, underline, overline, linethrough, blink.

All of the above can be done with text and you just need to know how the code syntax will look like when you input it in your HTML editor so that it will look professional when published. Example:



body {font-size:50%;}

h1 {font-size:3em;}

h2 {font-size:2.875em;}

p {font-size:1.875em;}



How Do You Properly Syntax The Codes?

Knowing how to syntax the codes in your editor is the best way to arm yourself with knowledge and you can be on your way to developing high quality sites. In this article we will just focus on the color and letter-spacing so that you will get a grasp of the way it should be inputted in the computer. Usually, you get the style then add a colon followed by the design you want it to be.

Why Will Knowing The Codes Help Programmers Out?

Knowing the CSS text properties by heart can be very beneficial to your line of work because you do not have to pause and think about how to make each character or text look different from the others in the website. Of course, when you go and customize the text properties, you have to make sure that the outcome will look very pleasing to the readers and that they will not have a hard time reading the text. Avoid going too fancy with the text because it tends to make sites look trashy instead of streamlined and professional.