Getting The Layout You Want By Using CSS Spans

In the programming world, there are just a few codes and jargons you really need to get an impressive looking website even in just a few minutes. Master programmers can whip out good sites and have you drooling at it because they have the expertise and know-how to make viewers enjoy the site they are on.

A Little Info On CSS Spans

Now, if you know a thing or two about CSS spans, you would know that this code is used to color a part of a text or a block. You can specify any acceptable color in the space provided and then publish it out to see what it really looks like. For the sample below, by changing the color in the „color:” space, you will see that it changes as to what you input in the space.

<!DOCTYPE html>



<p>I am very <spans tyle=”color:red;font-weight:bold”>angry</span> and I want to <span style=”color:blue;font-weight:bold”>shout</span> for hours.




See what little difference it can do to a text? It makes it very interesting and can make your writing very interactive almost as viewers will be able to see what emotions you want to convey too. Remember though that the (span) tag does not change the text itself; it is the use of this (span) code that you can change the color of a text within a sentence alone.

What Other Purposes Can CSS Spans Be Used?

Basically, there really isn’t much you can do with this programming code but if you want to get all creative, you can obviously do so easily just by inputting this into your HTML editor and then have it published right away. Programmers have this code at heart already because they can just type in their choice of colors anywhere they wish to have the color of text changed and voila! It is already there. Technically, this code matches perfectly with another code which is the ‚CSS Div’ code but that is another topic altogether.

How Useful Is This Span Tag For Programmers?

It is safe to say that programmers find this code very useful because the span tag allows you to manipulate just a part of a sentence or a few words without altering the whole sentence structure. All browsers support this tag so programmers do not have to worry whether their code written will work for a specific browser or not because as said earlier, all programming languages support this code.