A Few Tricks On CSS3 Text Effects You Should Know To Jazz Up Your Websites

Knowing a few tricks to customize your website is a good idea especially if you want your website to look professional and eye-catching to the readers. Now CSS3 text effects, you can do that because these new effects allow your texts to look different and even take a life of its own once you publish it from your editor. If you want to jazz up your site, sometimes simple things as livening up the text can already do wonders but make sure that it still looks classy because sometimes adding these little extras take away the true elements of your website.

The Big Hype About CSS3 Text Effects

A lot of programmers actually find the available text effects for CSS3 very useful and some are already playing around with it. With the text effects available, you can customize what your texts look like on the website. You can make the words wrap around inside a box properly and not look funny and also add a shadow effect on the texts alone. Example:

h3 {text-shadow: 0.1em 0.1em #333}


Adding shadows to text is very useful if you need to emphasize a few words or want people to notice what you are trying to come across online. Make sure you do not overuse or abuse this feature on CSS3 so that your website remains professional looking. Sometimes less is more when it comes to these effects.

The Big Word Wrap On CSS3 Text Effects

Another way you can customize the text on your website is to wrap the words nicely inside a box that you have provided. Usually, words will just run across a box if you do not apply the word-wrap effect on the text and this can make your website look very unprofessional. If you want to apply the word wrap effect on your text elements, the syntax is quite easy to add on.

In Conclusion To CSS3 Text Effects

These effects that you can apply to your whole text elements or just a few words will definitely help bring out the life of your website. Be careful when you try to customize the text too much so that you avoid making the site look very unprofessional. Not a lot of people want to be reading pages after pages of text that have shadow effects on them. Keep your effects on a few words only because sometimes in text effects like these, less is more.