A Few Tips About CSS Divisions When You Make Sites

The world of programming is quite easy to understand once you get the hang of it. There will be times that you will be in the dark if you just started out but after a run in the codes and jargons of programming, you will soon be working efficiently. Cascading style sheets (CSS) help programmers and even website makers make sites streamlined and it is basically the life of a website. If you know about CSS, you will be on your way to make beautiful works of layouts online through the use of CSS divisions.

What Are CSS Divisions?

As someone who will be making sites, you must be able to create divisions in a single webpage so that the site is more streamlined and looks very professional. These days, the three-column division is very popular as it allows people to have advertisers on the page and the center division for the main text or information of that page alone. For example, the illustration located below is an example of a manner on how you can set your webpage to have three divisions:

<div id=”wrapper>

<div id=”header”>Hello there</div>

<div id=”content”>

<div id=”content-right”> </div>

<div id=”content-main”> </div>

<div id=”content-left”> </div>


<div id=”footer”> </div>

<div id=”bottom”> </div>



These are the main codes for putting in divisions for your webpage. Basically, you use (div) as a shortened form for division. There is no need to write out the complete word as programming language recognizes (div) already for HTML or xHTML language. Once this is published, you will have three columns in your site that you can further personalize based on however you want the webpage or the site to look.

How Helpful Are These Divisions?

CSS codes are very helpful for anyone who wants to be able to put in a lot of information on the page. Usually, you see 3-column sites because advertisers like this layout as they remain on the site throughout and viewers are not bothered at the same time. Divisions in a webpage also make your site look professional because you can actually customize the divisions with images, more text, a block, or just a solid line.

Other Uses for CSS Divisions

There are many uses for putting division codes into a webpage and most people just use them to separate a few lines or to emphasize a paragraph or an image. The codes are also used to position where you want something to be in a site.